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  • Can I provide my own garments?
    Yes of course! We do not require you to purchase your garments through us, you are welcome to provide them yourself. Just keep in mind that we may not be able to replace the garments in the case of any damage that may occure durring the cusomization process.
  • Do I have to pay an art fees?
    Screen Printing: There will be a one time art fee of $25 if 3 or more proofs are required to complete the job or the desired design is very complicated. Design Services (Logo Design, Branding, and promotional materials): The art fee is added into the price already. Team Apparel: There will be a one time digitizing fee of & $35 for any jobs requiring embroidery. If you already have the correct embroidery file there will be no additional fees.
  • Is there an upcharge for plus sized garments?
    Yes, Unfortunately we are unable to avoid this upcharge as we too are charged an increased amount for any garment size 2XL and up. If at any time our supplier does not charge us more, we also will not charge you any additional amount. Common Up Chares: 2XL - Additional $1.50 3XL - Additional $3.00 4XL - Additional $4.50 5XL - Additional $6.00
  • "Do I have to pay for shipping on my orders"?"
    If you are local (Augusta GA) there is no shipping or delivery fees. If you are placing an online order there is a shipping cost that will be figured by the size of your shipment and the destination. We always try to save our customers as much money as possible on all services and that includes any shipping cost!!
  • "Is Vinyl or Screen Printing better"?"
    We use the best vinyl in the industry, so you can expect any garment with vinyl to last you as long as any screen printed item. Over time and regular washing your vinyl may begin to peel, however with proper care it should last over 100 washes. Screen printed items can begin to crack and peel over time but that usually does not occure for a long time. If you have over 13 items we would suggest you use our screen printing process to save a little time and money!
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